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Joan Laporta has my full support

Jul 02, 2015

On Tuesday I went to the headquarters of the pre candidacy of Joan Laporta's election for the FC Barcelona presidency. I gave him my signature, he has my full support.

Why? From my perspective and from all my experience, I consider that values are very important for a club. I have a foundation that helps disabled children through sport. That's why I am very proud of the relationship with UNICEF, because from my point of view, values come first and I think the club should recover them as soon as possible.

I am delighted with the season of the first team of FC Barcelona, but on the other hand I also see that the second team has downgraded. I am a product of Ajax, where youth development is key. Currently at FC Barcelona, "La Masia" produces nothing and does not promote players to the first team. Regarding the fact that Gerard Lopez may be the new coach of the second team, I think that Gerard is good. But, why did you, a few weeks ago, first promise the job to another, and now put Gerard in place? I really do not understand that.

FC Barcelona has a great reputation in the world of football. However, the club has 7 open legal trials. Rightly or wrongly, but there are legal trials. It is damaging the image and the reputation of the club and in my opinion this is unacceptable.

In a period of elections, members vote for a person. But when one is leaving others are coming in without experience. With Joan Laporta we initiated a project to educate athletes in order to keep them involved with the club. This way they can bring all the experiences they have lived as athletes, together with a knowledge of sport management. Now, it seems that pre candidates only are looking for names, but we shouldn´t forget that we must have all those athletes well educated for the benefit of the club.

Talking about football, there are also many names showing up, like Pogba. In my opinion he is a great player. But if you are a coach, you sign a player to make the other players and the team better. Now, we must see if Pogba is the player who FC Barcelona needs, or not. This is the work of a coach.

For all this and more, I think that the presence of Joan Laporta as president of FC Barcelona is what most suits the club.


Jul 02, 2015

Joan Laporta has my full support

On Tuesday I went to the headquarters of the pre candidacy of Joan Laporta's election for the FC Barcelona presidency. I gave him my signature, he has my full support.

Jul 02, 2015

Joan Laporta tiene todo mi apoyo

El martes fui a la sede de la precandidatura de Joan Laporta a las elecciones del FC Barcelona. Le di mi firma, él tiene todo mi apoyo.

Jun 15, 2015

Look at quality in transferwindow

"It's not about how popular a player is, but what he adds to a team", Johan Cruijff writes in his weekly column in 'De Telegraaf'. Lionel Messi is the best player of the world at FC Barcelona, but with Argentina he is less dominant. That has to do with the rest of the team."



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